Our Process

We believe our function is to provide education and guidance that permits our Clients to make appropriate and wise financial decisions.

Clients will be kept fully informed of all relevant criteria and developments from start to finish.

Our advice provides guidance and recommendations on what we would do if we were in their position.

We then help implement those decisions made by our Client/s.

1. Initial Client Discovery Session

Engagement with the Client/s to identify their financial objectives whilst incorporating their personal preferences. Further explanation is provided to the Client/s on the approach and thought process employed by our Advisers that will ultimately construct the strategic solutions incorporated into their future Financial Plan.

2. Adviser Strategy Process Phase

Suitable strategies are identified that will facilitate the benefits and improvements to the Client’s overall financial position. Positive outcomes and compliance with legislation are then confirmed. Construction of a Financial Plan is instigated and tailored to fulfil the Client’s stated financial objectives.

3. Presentation of Client Strategic Advice Session

Presentation of the Client’s Financial Plan outlining the tailored strategies that will fulfil the Client’s financial objectives. Further communication instigated with the Client to confirm their understanding and approval.

4. Implementation of Client Financial Plan

We will keep the Client/s informed on progress and provide updates whilst we are engaged in the implementation phase. A close eye on monitoring is kept so the pace of implementation is constant.

5. Ongoing Client Advice Partnership

Working in partnership with the Client/s, regular reviews and monitoring of their arrangements will be ongoing. Constant review will render better informed Client’s and smarter decision making into their future.

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