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Tax is something we all have to pay during our working lives, and potentially for some during our non-working lives. Tax legislation can be complicated, no doubt about it. With good advice and professional help, you can proactively manage your taxation affairs.

Capital Advice Partners specialise in providing proactive tax planning advice for all our clients. We believe you need to be aware of future tax liabilities, educated in managing your taxation affairs and be aware of available options to minimise your tax position.
There are numerous strategies to reduce the amount of tax we pay throughout our lives and upon our death ranging from simple to complex strategies.

  • Salary sacrifice and/or salary packaging
  • Tax deductible contributions to superannuation
  • Managing super contributions within the caps
  • Super contribution splitting strategies
  • Transition to retirement strategies
  • Managing tax on redundancy payments
  • Structuring or transferring ownership of insurance to make premiums more tax effective
  • Tax effective investing for children
  • Structuring the ownership of your assets tax effectively
  • Maximising the CGT small business concessions
  • Maximising your estate by reducing tax paid by beneficiaries
  • Claiming tax back from your super fund upon death – anti-detriment payments

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